Giudizio Universale

Mamuth joined forces with our good friends at Vulka to give shape to this fantastic 5 min Movie.
Together we created this awesome vue of Rome in the late 1400.

The film is part of the Show "Gudicio Universale and the Secrets of the Sistine Chapel", directed by Marco Balich and musicalisaded by Sting.
The event is taking place in Rome during 2018, in the Conciliation Auditorium.

We worked for almost a year with the Vatican Museum to give shape to this historic  reconstruction, where our talented Art direction took a crucial role.
Lots of Detail, 3d, Art, History, effort and Fun took place to bring this impressive Movie to life. Enjoy!

We recreated Rome by using Google Earth to trace different points in the city. And historic information provided by the Vatican Museum to shape the actual look of the 1400 Rome Forum.

We create the story from paper to final Art and Movie.

Character Modeling and masive character simulation in houdini.